The audiovisual content design for events is one of the most important parts for this to be successful. As the years have passed and technology has developed more and more, advances that we would never have imagined have been implemented. This design methodology focuses on audiovisual techniques such as image and audio recording or animation.

At Octo Event Productions we have experience in the production and design of audiovisual content for events. Therefore, we explain the most effective techniques when it comes to making the most impactful audiovisual content for events.

Design of audiovisual content for a mapping

Mapping consists of projecting images on large real surfaces, that is to say, on large buildings or soccer stadiums. On these surfaces it is possible to generate a 2D and 3D effect that becomes a great spectacle because it has a strong visual component. This technique is ideal to surprise the audience, provide a better interaction between the public and the environment and make the event have a greater impact.

To achieve the mapping, it is necessary to map the place where it is going to be projected. Once mapped, the structure has to be modelled in a 3D program and, after that, the images can be generated with specific programs for this purpose.

Through the design of content for video mapping, companies have the opportunity to strengthen the emotional bond with their target audience, offering a differentiated brand experience, which appeals at all times to the senses and to specific moments in the lives of potential customers.

Design of audiovisual content for blending

Blending is similar to mapping, but it seeks to achieve a better image through two projectors that emit the same image, thus achieving a higher resolution and illumination. The projections can be placed in a row, in a column or creating a matrix.

The design of audiovisual content for blending is of utmost importance when you want to cover large areas to get a clear and high-quality image and do not lose the impact for the viewer. With this technique, companies will be able to impact the audience, in addition to stand out from their competitors.

The impact that an audiovisual content design for blending has on the public is such that many choose to record the content and upload it to social networks. In this way they advertise the brand unconsciously and manage to spread their message through friends and acquaintances, often going to a viral content.

Main factors to consider in the design of audiovisual content for mappings and blendings

We must also consider a number of factors about the design of audiovisual content for mappings and blendings that we will discuss below.

  • Light. The light is what makes the projector use the different colours and shape the images on the surface.
  • The position. The place from where the image is projected is of utmost importance and an aspect to take into account in the design of audiovisual content, because is what will make us really get the effect and textures we are looking for the projection.
  • The sound. The sound is another important aspect because it is what will cause the projection impact on the audience. With the sound we will achieve that those who see the images get more immersed in the show.

Content design for mappings and blendings adapted to LED screens

Content design for mappings and blendings can be carried out on large-format LED projection screens, which offers a wide variety of possibilities. Both are used to attract the attention of the public, so no static images are used, they highlight from the smallest to the largest and most striking.

Large LED screens are capable of projecting a clear and sharp image without any problem, regardless if it is day or night. These screens are characterized by being composed of diodes and being able to receive a moderate electric current and emit electromagnetic radiation transformed into light.  Due to their effectiveness, they are used in all types of events, whether they are social, in glassed-in or open-air locations.


Now that you know the most effective techniques for audiovisual content design, do not hesitate to contact us if you want to make an impact in your event. At Octo Event Productions we are a reliable company that offers integrated services for events. We are dedicated to turn your creative ideas into reality and our services range from audiovisual equipment rental to complete set-up, technical design and full production, so don’t hesitate to contact us!