Technische Produktion und audiovisuelle Dienstleistungen für Firmen- und gesellschaftliche Veranstaltungen auf Mallorca

Jun 8, 2021

Audiovisual Services for Corporate Events

From our Octo Event Productions location in Mallorca, we have been executing large corporate events, from congress, social to incentive events for our clients when they visit our beloved destination Mallorca.
On those events we take care of different aspects of the event like Technical production, Audiovisual equipment rental, Scenics and Staging for events and if our clients prefer we can be their full event service provider.
Not only the Social events has adquired a lot of importance, on the last years, Congresses and Corporate events has been a tendence at the island of Mallorca.
We provide the AV technical solutions and the best AV brands equipment rental as well as the technical production, so we can assist our clients on the best choice on audio, video and lighting elements for their events because each event is different.
The more and more Mallorca is recognized a top destination for MICE events offering a large amount of exceptional venues with an amazing atmosphere with great professionals that will help on the organization and every aspect of your event.
From internal events to large product presentation and any kind of clients. The island will not disappoint your audience. We have a large number of collaborators that will make your event unforgettable.

Audiovisual services for Social Events

Mallorca island is well known for their open air venues and old Villas that fits perfectly for any kind of social and incentive events, from corporate to wedding among other celebrations.
The great sights, vivid colors and fresh atmosphere, makes Mallorca a top destination in the Mediterranean for any kind of social event.
At Octo we help our clients to find the best solutions and partners to enjoy a successful event. Get in contact and get the best Audiovisual service and technical proposals for your event.

Streaming Events during the Covid-19 pandemic

During these difficult moments our industry has lived, Mallorca has suffered specially as being an island our clients, could not visit us for many months.
Octo, has developed many solutions for hybrid and online events to bring people virtually to the island. If some of your audience can not travel to the island we can broadcast or stream your event for them. Contact for further information.

Technical production for Events in Mallorca

After many years working in the corporate and TV events we have a large experience on helping and assisting our clients with the technical production. At Octo we aim to help and execute the event for our clients without stress for them.

Having a large knowledge of the local market and possibilities plus the most professional technicians on the island you won’t have to worry about any technical aspect of your event. Let us provide the technical solutions for your events.

Contact our professionals at the Mallorca branch to get more information. We are available by telephone +34971511249  or email at or