Event Design
& Technical Production


We provide consultancy services to advise on the selection of the best technical or production supplier. Or we can directly become your supplier helping you with 2D and 3D design, audiovisual equipment and the right crew.

We always respect ideas and work to respond to our clients’ requests when advising. Our aim is always to exceed the expectations of our clients, but also those of your delegates, sponsors and shareholders.

Starting from a technical team with extensive experience in audiovisual production, both nationally and internationally, OCTO always offers solutions in event design and technical production, which can be adjusted to all kind of projects, so that our clients can have all the confidence they need to understand the proposals we offer them.

Each and every one of the projects that we carry out in our offices, starts with a search and consultancy of the audiovisual services to be covered in each event, and we can offer additional services to help our clients understand and visualize the technical characteristics of their events. This makes it much easier to understand the equipment we are offering for each project.

Audiovisual Services and Decoration for events

In addition to our audiovisual production services for corporate and social events, at OCTO we also offer our clients the option of  audiovisual equipment hire, graphic design for events and content design for events, streaming services for events, company meetings or webinars. Thanks to our own carpentry workshop we can offer solutions in customized scenography and stand construction.

Additional services

By providing full services for events, we can offer our clients technical visits to event spaces, equipment lists, complete audio and video diagrams, lighting design for events, technical plans with all the details they may need, design of professionally finished renders that help to better understand our technical proposals, and facilitate the client’s immersion before starting to go into detail of their event. We offer all types of technical advice, for events and permanent installations of audiovisual material, as well as a complete audiovisual production and consultancy that includes all of the above.

The technical difficulties within each audiovisual production are based on, a good understanding of the real needs of each event. A streaming event does not require a single additional computer to be added to the usual budget. The functioning of the computer and the technique consists of multiple elements that require all the attention to ensure that the signals arrive as and where they need to arrive.

For an audiovisual production to run efficiently and flawlessly, what the audience, and the client, will see is the number of monitors and speakers, what no one needs to see is the cabling, signal distributors, power, accessories, mixing desks, etc. Elements without which it would be impossible to carry out any corporate, social event, musical show, etc. 

 Being aware of all these invisible but really valuable details is the mission and objective of a good audiovisual partner who takes care of the tedious part of event design and technical production.

Events Barcelona and Events Mallorca

OCTO has two offices, one in Barcelona and the other in Mallorca, dedicated to comprehensive audiovisual services for events, with its own carpentry workshop and audiovisual equipment warehouses.

Both locations have a key methodology to be able to offer the best services, equipment and professional crew to all our clients. Thanks to our extensive knowledge of local markets and locations, we ensure the perfect production of events, whatever their size and purpose.

Corporate and Social Events

We have a wide variety of clients and a broad international focus, as well as a good knowledge of the local market to be able to offer customized audiovisual solutions for each project and for each client.

We can handle any kind of audiovisual production, whether it is focused on corporate events for brands and agencies, or social events with small celebrations.

We can offer all the audiovisual services that our clients needs.