Rigging and event structures 

Rigging and truss structures are the great unknowns and the great forgotten ones in the initial planning of a big event. Normally, agencies and brands visualize a large part of the projects down to the smallest detail: lights, colors, stages, banners, printed backdrops, photocalls, etc. But it is difficult to visualize the structure that supports all these components.

That’s where we come in, as technical professionals in the sector, and we put in kilos of “iron” that make it possible for the assembly of the events to be carried out. The truss is basically a light aluminium tube, that serves as a skeleton for most of the graphic components of the events, and as a structure for most of the audiovisual material present at a convention, fair or meeting.

If you know how to combine it, it even looks shiny, robust, and even eye-catching for certain types of proposals. In these cases, the idea of having the structure visible to the public and, highlighting its position with different lighting proposals that give personality and brightness to these metallic truss structures.

The Truss system is based on configurable modules that adapt to any type of need. They are made of aluminium tubes covered with thermoformed plastic and composite that fit together easily as the pieces have different sizes, and help to generate all kinds of structures.

In a simple way it is possible to build from a stand for a trade fair to a large stage. It is only necessary to fit the different modules together to obtain the desired structure, in a quick, simple and safe way.


Truss and rigging structures as an advertising medium

This type of solution is widely used for billboard supports and structures because they are reusable, and easy to amortize in companies in our sector. As they can be combined with different types of materials such as tarpaulins, opaque fabrics, semi-transparent fabrics, polycanvas or mesh fabrics, they offer a lot of possibilities when it comes to getting creative. And then, playing with light effects to carry out surprising ideas in a very simple way. In addition to being a very versatile material that facilitates and makes it possible to use it in indoor and outdoor events.

Over the last few years, truss structures have become a very recurrent system of modules and interlocking in all kinds of events, whether corporate, advertising or even social events.


Configurable truss modules

They are simple structures that can be easily combined with each other. They have a multitude parts and options such as cubes, standard straight lines, curves, rigging systems with different accessories and the possibility of flying from any height. Its great advantages are the possibility of hanging spotlights, speakers, PA’s and different audiovisual equipment such as LED screens. It also allows the versatility of being able to use the structures to hang different graphic materials.

For the production of fairs and congresses that include multiple stands, it is necessary to choose a stand that has a lot of versatility. Often the stand changes the information displayed on it and the location. This is why you need a structure that is solid, strong and sturdy, but at the same time light, easy to assemble and configurable.

It is important to start knowing in detail this key component for any type of corporate or social event. Since it is going to be a secondary but really important actor in our sector.