Scenography for events and decoration for events

We translate and personalize any kind of set design to make your brand stand out, thanks to our own carpentry and our wide variety of standard and customize scenery. We transform spaces into unique environments for your audience.

At OCTO we have multiple options for event stage design and event decoration. We have a large stock of platforms for all types of stages at different heights, as well as our own carpentry workshop to customize any shape and idea that our clients need for their events. We combine construction in wood, DM, melamine, or the finishes required for each project so that the scenography of your event shines with its own light, and accompanies a careful and professional technical proposal.


Custom backdrops for your events in Barcelona and Mallorca

Do you have an idea in mind for the design of your event? We can help you make it possible. No matter how complex it may seem, there is always something that can solve that impossible shape or shine in the finish of your stage or backdrops.

There is a great variety of materials and options to present a stage backdrop or photocall for your event, printed canvas on a wooden frame, printed polycanvas on a wooden frame, customized constructions for events made of different materials, printed foam, etc. It will depend on the characteristics of your event, the size you need for the backdrop, the budget available and, the space available for the location of the backdrop.


Materials for corporate stages 

We have a wide variety of solutions for stage finishes and fascias Depending on the characteristics of the event, what will have to happen on stage and the kind of show, there are multiple options and varieties of stage finishes. 

Do you need a shiny floor printed with the corporate logo of the brand, where they can dance and move freely without stumbling during the show? Maybe vinyl on wood is a good solution. If you are looking for a resistant material that can have these same characteristics, or even, that allows you to place it over existing carpets in the space, possibly linoleum is a good bet.

Linoleum is a highly resistant plastic material with different thickness options, which allows it to be used for different artistic creations, such as dance floors for events on carpet or printed flooring for stages.

Choose the options that suit you best or, contact our specialists to help you select the perfect solution for your project.

We have a wide range of possibilities to choose the most suitable carpet for each space. Trade fair carpets, natural fibre carpets, printed carpets, artificial grass carpets, etc.


Finishes of event stages

Just as important as the choice of carpeting is a good finish for the stage floor and for the front and sides of the stage made of hard fascias. The way you present your event stages is just as important as the choice of the carpet.

Black stage skirts are a regular solution for simple and economical results in an event, but they are also a somewhat classic solution. Taking care of the stage skirts with the same care and detail in their assembly as the rest of the stage is becoming a key and fundamental element for all types of corporate events.

An elegant and consistent way to present impeccable stage skirts is by carpeting over a rigid wooden skirt, clinging to the platforms that make up the stage. The fall of the carpet will look clean and polished this way, with no creases or folds to give away the impression of poor event staging. The fascias can be presented in a thousand ways, combining different colors or finishes than the main carpet, choosing foam printed with a corporate image, vinyl directly on the wooden skirt, etc. 

Choose the most suitable option for each project, there are many varieties when it comes to materials and finishes for stages. 

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