Stand Building & Furniture

We connect your creativity with technical needs to offer differential solutions. We offer all kinds of solutions and proposals for customised construction and furniture for corporate events.Thanks to our team, our production capacity, our warehouses and our own carpentry, we can offer all kinds of ideas and solutions to meet your needs, from an exhibition stand to the construction of counters or decoration elements for your events.


Short-term architecture

With extensive experience in numerous trade fairs and congresses, we bring to life any project presented to us, working hand in hand with our clients and providing the necessary solutions, both constructive and logistical.

We have qualified staff, so we always present the cleanest and most professional finishes.

Once the service is finished, we remove all material without leaving any trace, so that the client does not have to worry about anything.

We plan the transport of goods, assembly and dismantling, adapting to the accesses and work times set.


Trade fair stands

From a space delimited by carpeting of any color or marked by specific lighting, to a complex construction in carpentry or other materials and finishes, to basic stands for trade fairs. We adapt to the needs of the client and the budgets available for each occasion, advising on everything that is necessary and providing our experience in the sector.

We can offer dividing panels and/or walls of different heights, which we can customize as required, according to the client needs.

We can install floors such as platforms, stages, non-slip and removable vinyls or carpets, playing with the heights and providing a complete finish to the stands.

We can also apply vinyl to glass, counters or any other surface to give an image to the brand.

We combine construction for stands with audiovisual material to sound or light up the space when required. We also have monitors and LED screens of different sizes and formats for when you need to show any audiovisual content, whether looping videos or presentations.

We can attach or fix monitors and screens in carpentry walls, taking special care in the placement and concealment of the wiring, for a correct and clean result.


Custom furniture for events

In addition to standard trade fair furniture such as stools, armchairs, bistro tables, side tables and counters, we are also able to build customized furniture for events, with the desired functionalities and finishes. There is no shape or material that OCTO can resist.

We can offer you a multitude of options so that a simple dj table or counter can be the distinguishing feature of your event. Don’t let your event be a copy, innovate, create and make it different!


Digital printing and event banners

We know the importance of including corporate information in the design of your stand, to promote your brand and gain visibility. That is why we have proposals and solutions for printing or modelling graphic material for stands and trade fairs. We can offer different supports and materials, choosing the ones that best suit each occasion.

Whether for signage or to create a visual image that promotes your brand, we can make graphic prints on different elements such as self-supporting elements with resistant bases, foams, vinyls for different surfaces, blackout tarpaulins, polycanvas, grids among a wide variety of different textile materials to be stretched on wooden frames or other materials.

To personalize spaces, we can also manufacture self-supporting banners or banners to hang from any surface. Whether letters, logos, icons or any other element of different heights, colors and finishes.


Space layout, technical plans and renderings

Thanks to our team and the best digital design tools, we can show 2D floor plans to our clients, so that they can get an idea of the stand layouts and capacities required at a particular venue. In this way, they can establish and delimit suitable spaces for each of the exhibitors.

In addition, if required, we can present renders, 3D designs or realistic graphic representations of the result of the stands to our clients, before turning them into reality.

Do not hesitate to contact us at to request all the information you need.