Choosing the right sound system for a corporate event, suitable for space and number of attendees, among other factors, is essential when planning the whole project. Did you know that at OCTO we have high-performance Speaker rental for your event?

We must pay importance to the realization of a custom acoustic project to sound the event, depending on the kind of event, whether it is a meeting or conference, a concert or party and taking into mind the space where it is going to be performed, whether it is inside or outside, or the type of room, the acoustics of this, etc.

For this, from OCTO we advise you with our technicians specialized in sound, providing the best solutions for the spaces and adapting to your budget and needs.

Did you know that there are not the same speakers or sound equipment to sound a party than a conference?

What are the speakers?

A speaker is an electroacoustic device that transforms electric current into sound.

Therefore, we are talking about an electroacoustic transducer that converts electrical energy into acoustic energy.

These devices convert electrical impulses into sound; they consist of boxes containing an electromagnet inside that vibrates a membrane. This membrane resonates in the box, thus generating sound.

Sound waves extend through the air, and we pick them up with our ears.

Depending on the technical characteristics of the speakers, they will amplify the sounds in one way or another, since they present different powers.

Speakers can be active or passive, depending on whether or not they have a built-in amplifier.

The active speakers incorporate an integrated amplifier and do not require another device to operate. However, passive speakers do need an additional amplifier.

Advantages of hiring a rental company for your event

Can you imagine playing a conference with a portable speaker with bluetooth connection? Or to play a concert with the domestic systems sold in the big commercial areas?

Maybe we can hire a wireless microphone and try to connect it to one of these systems? 

Better not to imagine the result that our viewers may perceive… 

There are countless brands of loudspeakers in the market, of different ranges and for different objectives.

Of course, there are specific shops and suppliers for professional equipment that work at corporate events or music festivals, beyond any hearing system that can be used at home in an intimate or private meeting.

It is very important to have a provider of audiovisual equipment to rent the professional speakers and sound systems for your corporate event.

At OCTO we have professional brands such as D&D, LD Systems, QSC, Mackie, among others. Which brand do you feel most comfortable with?

The sound of your event will reach the entire room.

When a client presents us his event, as well as the objective of this one, the number of attendees expected, the chosen space and the characteristics of his room or enclosure and the disposition of this one, OCTO team get to work and propose the most suitable professional sound equipment.

With the choice of the right speakers and the necessary number of them, we will install them in the room or space in the right way, either in line array, with delays for the last rows, frontfill for the front rows, etc.

In such a way that the audio of what is happening in the scene or on stage or the sound of the possible videos that are playing, arrive correctly to each of the attendees. Without couplings or not clean sounds and adjusting them with our sound technicians with an adequate volume that does not bother people.

A specialist company will advise the customer according to their needs to rent the right speakers.

As mentioned above, there are countless models and brands of speakers in the professional market, each designed for different tasks and with different powers.

It is not an easy task to choose the most suitable speakers for our event and sound companies are able to advise customers based on all the important features of the event, also adjusting to the budget for that item.

Not only in terms of the rental of loudspeakers and monitors, but also the rental, assembly, configuration and assistance of all the elements that make up the sound system, as well as diverse microphones, audio tables, sound wiring and other accessories.

You will have next-generation speakers and the best brands, another advantage of hiring a speaker rental company

In OCTO we are not left behind and we are always at the latest in technology as far as sound equipment is concerned. In addition, we work with the best professional brands that guarantee the perfect hearing qualities.

Thanks to our team of sound technicians specialized in assembling complete audio systems, which are able to perform the best acoustic studies and provide the optimal solutions to each space, recommending the most suitable las generation speakers.

The speakers are assembled by professionals.

It is not enough to rent some speakers for our event. Like choosing the right speakers for the act, it’s just as important to know how to mount them in space and set up the entire sound system.

At OCTO, we will assign sound technicians who can provide the right sound for your event.

You will save money, among the advantages of hiring a speaker rental company.

You don’t need to load your event with expensive equipment for everything to work out. The important thing is to choose the right equipment or machines. From OCTO, we can offer you systems adapted to the available budget.

What you need to know before renting loudspeakers

Why give the right importance to the speakers rental?

The sound equipment in a corporate event plays a very important part in the production and execution of this; without it we would not be able to hear or feel neither the speakers nor the videos or contents that are part of the event, is why the right choice of the speaker system is essential.

From a company specialized in audiovisual services, we can advise the clients according to the needs they have for their corporate event, whether conference, gala or concert and adjusting to the budget you have for this item. 

The same audio system is not chosen to sound a small room as a large one or to sound an exterior or an interior. Also, we will not use the same material to give audio to a space where 50 people or 350 people are.

There is a lot of variety of speakers on the market and we will always focus on the selection and installation of professional equipment to ensure the success and quality of the sound, letting us advise by sound technicians both in the choice of these and in the assembly, configuration and management of the entire audio system.

In addition, depending on the characteristics and surface of the room or space and the number of people it will contain for the specific event, it is important to detect the need to set up or install loudspeakers as a P.A. system (Public Adress), Front Fill system (reinforcement dedicated to cover the first rows), Delay (sound delay for the last rows).

From OCTO we will conduct an acoustic study of the space and pay attention to all the details of the event, as well as the requirements or needs of our customers to be able to advise you in the best possible way and with the best professionals. We will make an adapted project so that everything goes perfect and attendees can enjoy a clean and adequate sound, avoiding that they feel uncomfortable by an excessive volume or possible couplings and avoiding that they do not hear the speakers, music or contents of the event.

If you have to organize an event in the upcoming dates, contact us and tell us what your objectives are. We will help you choose the best sound system, adjusting to your budget.