Streaming for Events

Streaming for Events

Streaming Solutions for your events

We have a wide experience on events, helping our clients to connect with their audience anywhere in the world from their homes or offices. We provide the solutions you need for presentations and events!
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Connect with your audience without Limitations

100% Digital Events


From a single computer, from your home or office and from anywhere in the world. Taking it from a simple Zoom call we can offer a corporate solution by adding a professional look to your meetings. We offer a professional Video Mixing studio to turn your conventional call into an engaging meeting, tutorial or corporate event reaching your brand expectations.

Set Chroma for Streaming 


Chroma technology has been used since long in TV sets. With this technology, now, we can create impressive presentations and digital events for your audience. OCTO can provide you with a dedicated Virtual Set or if you prefer, you can use existing library sets, as a more cost effective solution.

Hybrid Events Solutions


Combine the best of a live event with an unlimited audience reach. Octo Event Productions can design for you a unique stage or studio with multiple options either, Led screens, Graphic solutions or projections. We can find a location for you or also, move into your facilities to stream the event, connecting your global audience and accomplishing the local restrictions and regulations to make a safe event.



Customize your Streaming Platform

All the offered options can be complemented with a dedicated and tailor made design Websites. Octo offers you a made to messure channel, with solutions including, virtual one to one chats, voting, Q&A, Data analysis, register and many more features.



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This is the best solution to execute an event with current mandatory regulations. Virtual events will continue to be an optimal resource in the future.