Do not cancel your event.

Go online!        

Do not cancel your event.
 Go online!       

Streaming Solutions for Events

Digital and Hybrid events will be more important than ever. We have a large experience streaming our events for those who cannot assist physically. We can provide you with a Studio location or even better, create it at your company or own space.

From a traditional Web streaming to a collaborative Webinar with a bi-directional communication between different locations. This way, we can achieve the interaction between guests and also the possibility of creating a Q&A or a real time analysis of the audience.

Streaming solutions for all kind of events: corporate, internal company meetings, product presentations, networking, webinars, concerts. Everything you need.


Connect different locations!

Digital and hybrid events do not have to be simple or boring. Come by to discover about all the possibilities as if it were a live event, with the lastest technologies in LED, video, lighting and sound. Events cared for in detail for each of our clients needs. 

We can engage your audience by using physical staging and set solutions, Led walls with personalized content for your event. Virtual 3D sets with augmented reality. All this can be broadcasted on to your website, social media or even better a customized website or platform.


Come and try our Demo Rooms!

 This is the best solution to execute an event with current mandatory regulations. Virtual events will continue to be an optimal resource in the future.