If you’re planning to host an event, event lighting is one of the most important things you need to think about. Whether you’re using your own equipment, taking advantage of lighting rental options or using a combined approach, there are many details to manage when planning event lighting.

That’s why, from Octo Event, we want to share some lighting tips and tricks to help you pull off perfect events that will lead to success.

What are the keys to flawless event lighting?

Holding and managing an event is no easy task. Particularly if you want to wow guests and want everything to run as smoothly as possible. That’s why we hope these 5 tips on event lighting will be of help.

Analyse the space you need to light well

The first step to perfect event lighting is to collect all the information you need about the event venue. Remember that lighting the space without knowing the actual requirements is a potential path to failure. Light density and placement are fundamental things you need to know – what colours work with the overall scheme of the event?

That is why all professionals start the discussion by finding out about the actual requirements. So, you should ask as many questions as come to mind, from what type of event it is and how many attendees there will be to the venue size, if it is outdoors and if the venue is public.

Come up with a good lighting plan

After collecting all the key details, the next on your to-do list is to create a perfect project plan. An event is easy to organise once you have all the information you need about the event. 

You can create an extensive plan according to the scale of the event. Remember that large-scale events require a more extensive plan and cost estimate. This is an essential step, but many people often overlook it. Yet it is critical when it comes to creating lighting that will impress, as well as for the overall success of the event.

It’s also important to make an equipment list, determine the event schedule and also include a floor plan for the event. This layout will help you decide what type of lights should work for the event and where they should be set up. Remember that your plan can make or break the overall event. So, take some time and think critically when coming up with your project plan.

event lighting event lighting

Consider lighting effects in your event lighting

You can also use different effects to enhance the lighting of your event for a totally unique atmosphere. There are special effects, such as dynamic video and gobos guaranteed to impress the guests or audience.

On the one hand, gobos are special lights that project a bright design or logo onto a surface in your event space and can be used as entrance/exit effects or static or moving effects. At your event, you can use these projectors to display patterned lights on the ceiling or walls of the venue to create an atmosphere your guests won’t soon forget.

On the other hand, a dynamic video projection offers unparalleled flexibility in the image scheme you want to display. You can adjust the brightness, angle, focus, colour and width of the video using these projectors in real time. For example, you can project a video animation on the loop with solid colour and texture, making your guests feel like they’re in a forest or walking along a city skyline.

Have good lighting equipment

Good lighting equipment is essential for good lighting. And for this you need to know that the power requirements depend on your lighting fixtures. Many lighting fixtures consume anywhere from 2.1 amps to 8.3 amps, and you need to make sure that your venue has sufficient power supply. You should also have a back-up generator as a precautionary measure, bearing in mind that electricity from the national grid may fail during the event.

Choose the right tones and colours

Coloured lights can have a major impact on the look and feel of any event. When used strategically, it can create a sense of optimism, imbue a moment with drama and much more.

Not only that, but using the right tones and colours can make it easier for attendees to see clearly without being too bright. You can create soft glows, making sure the space feels comfortable without it being overwhelming. You can also use colour to guide people through spaces. You can identify corridors, eating areas and other spaces solely through smart colour choices.

Finally, depending on the type of event, choosing the right type of colours is crucial since it has the power to change the entire event atmosphere (warm or cool, strong or pastel, etc.). It also has to represent the brand image, so you’ll have to use colours from the same range.


Now that you know how to create winning event lighting, don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any help or advice. Octo Event is a trusted company that offers one-stop event services. We’re committed to turning your creative ideas into reality, from audiovisual equipment rental to end-to-end set up, technical design, and full production. Don’t hesitate to contact us!