An original, eye-catching booth design is one of the critical factors when it comes to attracting the attention of trade fair attendees and making an impact. If your company is going to attend a trade fair soon, either to present a new product or service, increase your customer base or simply to build customer loyalty, there are a number of tips on trade fair booth construction that you need to know.

Octo Event Productions explains what factors you should consider when building your trade fair booth and making a great first impression at these events that are becoming increasingly popular with companies.

Tips for trade fair booth construction

The booth is the first thing that customers will see at a trade fair, which mean that it will determine whether they stop to pick up information about your brand or walk on by. This will depend on how interested they are in your set-up. Which is why we’re here today to share a series of tips on not only how to build a booth for trade fairs, but how to make it eye-catching.

trade fair booth construction trade fair booth construction

The booth should be the living image of your brand

Rule number one: your exhibition booth construction should be a living image of your brand. This means that it should flawlessly represent your brand’s values, voice and image. Not only that, but the colours, the font, the décor and all other booth elements must also align with the brand image. Don’t forget to put the company logo somewhere so that existing customers can quickly recognise you and potential customers can start to do so.

It should be an accessible space for visitors

Another crucial factor to consider when designing your booth is to make it accessible to all types of visitors. Today, now more than ever, any space should be adapted for all types of people. Therefore, you have to build your stand with this in mind and make it accessible to all your customers, for example, by facilitating access for people in wheelchairs.

Create a friendly environment

You need to create a comfortable environment in which people feel at ease. Customers need to feel comfortable so that they can get information they need and ask all the questions they want without feeling self-conscious or pressured. Which mean that friendly and pleasant staff and a friendly overall atmosphere at the booth are fundamental, and while you should always encourage customers to approach, keep from overdoing it; otherwise, they might get scared and leave, or not stop at the booth at all.

It should impress without being pretentious

Creativity is always required, even more so in these cases: the more original and eye-catching your booth is, the better. Different always attracts attention and makes an impact, so seize this opportunity to make your booth as innovative as possible. However, just like the booth staff, it can’t be too extravagant or over-the-top or even stray too far from the theme, since that will keep visitors from stopping. You can simply use eye-catching design and decor, or you take things to the next level by using visual or light resources, such as LED screens that catch the public’s attention.

Use the right furniture that best suits your brand

When building trade fair booth, using the highest quality furniture and equipment is fundamental. It’s not just about focusing on visual appeal and decoration, but also on functionality and optimization as well. Functional, quality furniture is a must. Although it may cost you more, make sure you get the best material and furniture for your booth. A good investment and plan will result in more success for your booth; get your target audience to visit your booth and you’ll achieve your goal of attracting new customers.


You should keep in mind that building a booth can prove to be challenging if you don’t have the right resources and skills. If you need help with the construction of a trade fair booth, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re Octo Event Productions, your trusted one-stop event services company, and we’re committed to turning your creative ideas into reality by taking care of everything from AV equipment rental of audiovisual equipment to end-to-end set up, technical design, and full production, thanks to our design, carpentry, metal and printing workshops.