Trade fair services and stand design with OCTO, all types of graphics, printed backdrops and customized furniture for congresses

Feb 25, 2022

Trade fairs and their purpose

A trade fair is a meeting held, generally on an annual basis and lasting approximately one week, where companies or entities of the same commercial activity exhibit their products and services.

A showcase! Hence, the importance of highlighting and making a good presentation of your brand or product.

At OCTO we offer all kinds of solutions and proposals for the construction of customized stands, as well as furniture for corporate events.

Global solutions for your stand, no matter how big or small your project is

We can provide all kinds of ideas and proposals according to your requests and, connecting your creativity with the technical needs to offer differential solutions.

From an exhibition stand to the construction of counters or decorations, thanks to our team, our production capacity, our warehouses and our own carpentry.

With extensive experience in numerous trade fairs and congresses, we work hand in hand with our clients and give life to any project that is presented to us. We provide the necessary solutions, both in terms of construction and logistics.

We adapt to the budgets available for each occasion, advising on everything that is necessary and providing our experience in the sector.

A place where engineers, scientists and investors in the areas of wireless systems and mobile applications meet and a great opportunity to showcase the latest technologies.

Stand construction projects, visualizations with renderings, plans and much more

We know how important it is for the client to be able to see the final result before starting to build their stand.

That is why, with the best computerized design tools and our team of professionals, we can present 2D plans to our clients and to the locations to check the final distribution of the space.

In this way, we also help the organizers to establish and delimit suitable spaces for each of the exhibitors at the fair. 

We can also present realistic graphic representations (renders) of the final result of the stands to make sure it fits with our client’s idea.

Stands and audiovisual material, the perfect combination to make your stand stand stand out

We combine construction for stands with audiovisual material to sound or light up the space when required.

We also have LED monitors and screens of different formats and sizes for when it is necessary to show any audiovisual content.

We can attach or embed monitors and screens in carpentry walls, taking special care in the placement and hiding the wiring, for a clean result.

Tailor-made furniture for events

At OCTO we have a large stock of furniture for events and fairs such as counters, bistro tables, side tables, stools, armchairs, among others. But thanks to our own carpentry, we can also build customized furniture for events.

Impresión digital, gráficas para marca, cualquier tipo de solución para tu marketing corporativo

Undoubtedly, it is essential to include corporate information in the stand design in order to gain visibility and promote the brand.

We have printing solutions offering different supports and materials and opting for those that are best suited to each occasion.

We make graphic prints on different elements such as self-supporting elements with resistant bases, foams, vinyls for different surfaces, blackout canvases, polycanvas, grids among a great variety of different textile materials stretched on wooden frames or other materials.

We can also manufacture self-supporting banners or to hang from any surface, to personalise spaces. Whether letters, logos, icons or any other element of different heights, colours and finishes.

We can also manufacture freestanding banners or banners to hang from any surface, to personalise spaces. Whether letters, logos, icons or any other element of different heights, colours and finishes.

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