You’ve likely heard the word rigging at events or you’ve seen the term in a budget, but if you don’t have extensive knowledge on the subject, you probably don’t know exactly what it means and why you might need it in event management.

If you want to understand event rigging in depth and learn all about the benefits it can bring, Octo Event Productions is here to explain everything you need to know about why it’s so important.

What is rigging at events?

When it comes to events, rigging refers to the different methods that professionals use to securely hang materials such as lights, speakers and any other equipment they need.

Audiovisual systems used at events are not usually hung directly from rigging points, but rather on a structure called a truss. Trusses optimise the use of space as much as possible and their size will depend on the space and weight restrictions of the rigging points, as well as their design.

Motors are used to correctly set up these structures, safely raising and lowering the assembled structure.

It is important to remember that professionals are needed to install the trusses at the rigging points, otherwise you might be putting everyone attending the event in danger. Nor should you forget that these structures are highly load bearing and have their weight limits, so incorrect installation or overloading the truss will make it extremely dangerous for not only the material being used but for people as well.

What does good rigging add to an event?

No matter the size of the event, rigging will be crucial when it comes to making the best possible use of the space. Without a doubt, the most important feature of rigging is safety. Not only that, but rigging is an excellent resource for correctly distributing equipment without obstructing or stealing valuable space. Keep reading to find out more about how good rigging can enhance an event, taking into account lighting, sound and the distribution of banners and screens.


Proper lighting is paramount and even more so in open spaces. Lighting in large venues needs to be well distributed so that there are no spaces that are over-lit and others that are under-lit.

This will ensure that all attendees can see the event correctly while creating a good atmosphere; poor lighting can have a major impact on how people perceive the event.


The sound equipment also has to be set up to ensure uniform sound across the venue. This is vital for ensuring that all attendees can hear the event with the same intensity from any spot in the house. This means that you’ll need to have sound outputs set up around the space, as well as to manage different equipment like microphones and sound boards.


When is rigging used?

Although rigging is mainly used for lights and sound, its usefulness doesn’t stop there. Let’s take a look at what else rigging can be used for.

Banners and screens 

Advertising is paramount and having a presence at exhibitions, congresses or events will boost brand visibility. At many events, companies use banners and screens to ensure that their brand is always visible. Which means that hanging them correctly so that they can be seen from all possible angles is crucial.


You can use rigging to hang up decorative elements that enhance brand visibility or to add elements to an event that will make it unforgettable. The distribution throughout the space and their uniformity are fundamental.

The key to successful rigging for a successful event

If you want to succeed at all of the above, you’ll need a partner who specialises in this type of work. Someone who can visit the venues and know what’s possible and what isn’t, what materials will be needed and who can provide an initial design to give the client a better idea about what can be achieved.

Working with a company that has all the equipment to give shape to your ideas, is professional and can guarantee a job well done, on time and with the maximum safety of everyone who attends your event, is paramount. Here at Octo Event Productions we’re committed to turning your creative ideas into reality by taking care of everything from AV equipment rental of audiovisual equipment to end-to-end set up, technical design, and full production. Don’t hesitate to contact us for unbeatable service!