Hybride Veranstaltungen und Online-Veranstaltungen während der Pandemie| Octo Event Productions

Jan 26, 2021

Streaming events: non face to face and digital events.


During these uncertain times, the audiovisual event companies have promoted the advantages offered by digital events and non-face to face events for brands.

While waiting for the return of the face-to-face events, Octo Event Productions proposes different streaming solutions to continue communicating and reaching the maximum possible audience.

Advantages and disadvantages of 100% digital events


There are many advantages an online event can offer:


– Comfort for the audience and the speakers by not having to travel.

– Easier access to the different seminars and webinars with just one click.

– Greater statistical control of the users of the platforms, as well as of the audience and metric records of questionnaires, ratings, and attendance.

– Greater scope, geographical coverage and attendance.

– Ease of social distancing in times of Covid-19.

– Cost reduction by formats and limitation in the audience’s displacements, thus being able to offer more events in less time.


Possible more notorious disadvantages within the online events:


– Unverified user registrations in many cases, depending on the strength and security of the platforms.

– Loss of audience’s attention, due to an inadequate choice of platforms or use of inadequate times in the duration of this type of events.

– Lack of interaction, as well as lack of contact between people and working relationships between workers.

– Loss of the spectacularism and the wow effect.



At Octo Event Poroductions we want to help our clients to reinforce the strengths of virtual and hybrid events, improving the quality of brand communication. We have the technical and personal experience to provide our clients, a Professional Streaming at their brand level expectations.


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