Audio, Video & Lighting Rental

Audiovisual equipment rental for events in Barcelona and Mallorca

We have a wide range and variety of audiovisual equipment in stock for audio, lighting, video, truss structures, rigging, CCTV, etc. thanks to our suppliers of high quality brands: Yamaha, d&b audiotechnik, Sennheiser, QSC, LD systems, Midas, Mackie, Barco Projection, Barco Switching, Analog Way Switching systems, Elation, Prolights, ETC and ARRI, among others. We cover the needs of our customers, no matter how ambitious or unusual they may be. Do not hesitate to contact us for a quote and a complete list of rental equipment for your production.


Audiovisual equipment rental

In OCTO we have, apart from full production services, audiovisual equipment rental services for our clients. We stock different equipment and brands for sound rental, lighting rental, video equipment rental, and streaming equipment rental.

OCTO has a large stock of audiovisual equipment rental, with different proposals for audio, video & lighting equipment to rent for your next event. Contact us at to request all the information you need.

We have rental options in projectors, LED screens, sound equipment, dj equipment, computer rental, camera rental, lighting rental, truss rental, speaker and microphone rental for your next event.


Sound equipment rental

Depending on the dimensions and characteristics of the rooms for the event, different sound system solutions will be offered to carry out the sessions. In our warehouses we have a wide variety of audiovisual equipment in Barcelona and Mallorca, with premium brands and different ranges of microphones, as well as loudspeakers and PA systems.

Each room has different conditions that affect the selection of the most suitable equipment depending on the space.


Lighting equipment rental

At OCTO we have a wide variety of lighting equipment in stock, to offer our clients a selection of equipment from leading brands to carry out the ideal lighting design for each event. Conventional lighting and LED lighting for events, which will help us to find the most suitable approach for each purpose.

Do you need to rent truss structure for your next event? We can offer you the best solutions in structures and rigging, as well as all the accessories you may need to achieve a perfect distribution of equipment in each of the rooms.

You will find different Moving heads and decorative lights to liven up any corporate or social event in Barcelona and Mallorca.


Video equipment rental

We have video and CCTV equipment available for all types of projects. In order to offer a good video proposal for any event, it is necessary to have a clear idea of WHAT you want to show to the audience, whether it is a face-to-face event, digital event or hybrid event. The selection of this equipment will depend on the different signals and content that you want to show on each of the screens and monitors.

It is not the same to show a single PPT presentation, or to use multi camera and show a composite signal + notes for the speakers + the signal of a zoom call, or to send different signals to the audience at home than to the audience of the on-site event. Each of these details help us to understand the complexity of an event in terms of video.


Streaming equipment rental

We have extensive experience in hosting events so that attendees can follow the event remotely, wherever they are. There is a wide variety of streaming solutions for all types of corporate events and presentations.

One of the most recurrent solutions to date for all our international and national clients is the perfect combination of face-to-face and digital, as has been done until now, but reinforcing this idea to be able to connect with your audience without limitations.

Streaming solutions for events have evolved over the last few years, hand in hand with digital transformation, with constant innovations and proposals to turn conventional streaming into an event by itself.