Logistics & Inventory

Technical production and logistics for events

We ensure good logistics management so that everything is ready on time thanks to the organization, efficiency and commitment of our team. Forget about deadlines and last minute deliveries, we take care of every detail so that you can focus on creating the best experience for your attendees.


Planning… the key to success!

Thanks to our production department and our qualified warehouse staff, we plan each service in detail with the time and dedication it deserves, attending to all the needs that arise so that on the days of assembly, event and dismantling everything goes according to plan.

Audiovisual material, structures, carpentry and decoration material, furniture, graphic material, technicians, rigging fitters, loading and unloading operators, assistants, carpenters, stage set fitters, stands and other decorative elements, drivers, vehicles, generators, lifting machines, timetables, times, assembly, disassembly, reassembly, removal of material, breaks, allowances, accesses…

It is necessary to implement all the steps and actions to coordinate each and every one of the elements necessary for the start-up of the project or service… both the human team and the material equipment, transport, etc. …..

The timing and organization of each task are fundamental for the project’s decade setting up. Knowing how to manage the logistics calendars to avoid collapse in the warehouse, both, in terms of equipment and time and personnel, is fundamental to carry out a good preparation of the event.


Our Audiovisual Material and our warehouses in Barcelona and Mallorca

We have a large stock of audiovisual equipment in Barcelona and Mallorca for events and we know the importance of the care and maintenance of this material. To do this, we rely on professional figures who keep the strictest order and neatness in our warehouses.

There is something very certain in the production of a successful event, the result of an assembly is linked to the care and attention that is given to the audiovisual equipment, to the trucks in the loading and unloading and, to the order with which an assembly is executed from minute 1.

Our image to the client has to be professional at all times, the image of our equipment, our wardrobe, etc. All the elements that undoubtedly make up the OCTO brand image that we want to transmit to our clients.

It is important to offer confidence and good organization from the moment they see us unloading the boxes from the lorry, entering each room in an orderly and meticulous manner, distributing the equipment by zones and subdivisions by speciality, so that when the time comes to start assembly in an orderly manner, once the technical brief is finished, everything flows organically, without stumbling or distractions.

Our warehouse technicians ensure that the logistics and schedules of our audiovisual material for events are always up to date. So that all the information is regulated and organized in an impeccable way and, all the people involved in the production of each project are always up to date and aware of possible incidents.


Software for event logistics work

We work with a system of barcodes for our material and, we carry out periodic inventories, so that we always have the audiovisual equipment we need for our events available. It is important to have a good logistical organization of repair and start-up schedules for the equipment so that there are no surprises when it comes to preparing the materials for the next event.

At the end of an event, we always check all the material used before storing it, to ensure that it works correctly and is ready for the next service.

Our audiovisual material is always in good condition and arrives at the location of the event, so that our technicians do not have any unforeseen problems and can work comfortably offering the best service to our clients.