Graphic & Content Production

Video Content Creation

There is nothing quite as lively and eye-catching as content creation for playback on projection or LED screens, as well as content creation for mappings and content creation for blending.

Nowadays there is nothing as variable and infinite in possibilities as content creation for its various format and surface options. Years ago, the only surface imaginable for any type of content was known as a screen, and it was square or rectangular. Today it can look, feel and be any size you want.

In the case of large format LED screens, always, depending on the size of the pixel and the size of the module in the case of LEDs. For mappings and blending, it will depend on the size and format of the projection surface.


Possibilities for the creation of tailor-made content

The creation of content is not that simple, it will depend on the technical specifications, the language used, the graphic elements… each and every one of these elements are variable components.

In addition to the customized content that we are used to having in mind, with moving shapes for reproduction in different types of events or acts, such as exhibitions or musical performances, or content for mappings on large surfaces such as architectural elements, there is another type of content that is more common and recurrent, but less striking, for standard presentations and videos, with customized and personalized screens, with static or moving graphics and combination with different PiPs (windows) on the same screen or surface.

This type of content is increasingly recurrent in all types of corporate events that require customized content for screens with different characteristics.


Tailor-made content for large format LED displays

The main function of an LED display is to show images, data, information, videos, etc. To do this, we create and design content that manages to attract and capture the attention of the audience or impact the public, whatever their location.

Gone are the days when these video devices were used only for marketing and advertising purposes. The event sector has arrived with force to fully exploit the possibilities of this type of components in small and large format.

Their panels allow content to be displayed in any lighting conditions, thanks to their ability to automatically adjust the amount of light from their LED points. In this way, we will see the content equally if it is dark or if we are in broad daylight. That is why it is very common to use it outdoors for all kinds of social events or in glass rooms with plenty of natural light, in corporate events in broad daylight.


Content design for LED screens at events

It is important to choose the content to be shown on this type of screen, both in corporate events and in advertising actions with large format screens. It is customary to look for a design that makes an impact on the audience, with eye-catching content, and in constant movement to make the message more dynamic.

The great advantage of LED screens for use in events is the capacity and versatility they have in terms of shapes. Not everything has been invented, and it is very easy, budget permitting, to create unique and unrepeatable formats, with dozens of shapes and possibilities. Curved, straight, oval, waves… you can create the content you want for the screen formats you prefer.

The variety and difficulty of what we want to show on the screen, goes hand in hand with the number of different signals that we want to give to the configuration, either with a shared signal or with several different signals.


Content design for Mapping

Nowadays it is not unusual to talk about mappings, the capacity of our imagination is unlimited. At OCTO we understand our clients need, to innovate and make each of their corporate events unique. The audience is constantly looking for experiences and optical illusions, that surprise them and content is the key tool for this type of solutions in the audiovisual world.

Being able to color or illuminate facades, different architectural elements, objects or other surfaces with moving lights and videos makes this solution one of the most striking and recurrent techniques, both for corporate events and advertising events.

The choice of the idea or concept, the color for the content designs, the size of the fonts that appear in it, the movement and speed of the content make each event stand out in a unique and personalized way.


Content design for Blending

Edge Blending is a system that allows several projectors to be used at the same time to create a single larger screen, joining several images and overlapping the edges, thus achieving panoramic formats, among others.

The content possibilities for this system are very wide, always providing a very attractive and surprising result for the audience.

Don’t worry if you only have standard or 16:9 format presentations or videos. We can play this content through a system of windows (PIP), on a background designed especially for your event, either static or animated.

And if you prefer your creative team to design this content, we’ll give you the guidelines you need to follow to get the job done without any problems.

Contact us to discover all the options, bring us your designs and ideas and we will offer you the technical capacity to bring your content to the public