Raising awareness of environmentally sustainable practices

Dec 7, 2021

Change is in everyone’s hands and at OCTO, we want to do our bit in raising awareness of sustainable practices to help preserve the environment.

We would like to promote healthy and respectful habits in our offices and in the day-to-day running of our events, hand in hand with suppliers and clients who are aware of the materials and practices that are suitable for this purpose, whenever possible.

Recommendations and solutions within everyone’s reach

Small, everyday habits in the way we do things help to build a more conscious and future-proof world. For this reason, we continue to research and improve our daily recurring activities, looking for the most productive and efficient way to avoid waste and high consumption of unused energy and days.

We want to promote good practices in energy efficiency, water saving, waste management, less paper waste, as well as recycling of materials as much as possible in our offices and at our events.

Recycling and use of materials

At OCTO we are expanding our catalogue of materials in order to be able to offer our customers who are interested in sustainability, biodegradable products in our flooring solutions with carpeting, printed backing, all types of fabrics and decoration products in line with this objective.

The importance of the local market

The main environmental benefit of local consumption is the energy savings and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, as the number of transports is considerably reduced when we rely on the local market.

In addition, by not having to preserve products so carefully with special, dedicated packaging for long transports, we avoid consuming too much unnecessary packaging. The products we have sourced from the local market continue to generate wealth and jobs in your community.

In the following link you can obtain information about different activities to do in the city of Barcelona and nearby towns: https://www.barcelonaesmoltmes.cat/

Check the following link to discover places and points of interest in the city of Barcelona focused on accessible tourism http://www.barcelona-access.cat/?idioma=2



Conservation of natural environments

Environmental conservation is a necessity in the face of the number of environmental problems that are affecting the health of all humanity. And consequently the destruction of our only home as the planet.

This conservation of the environment and all its natural resources, should be carried out to try to minimize the damage caused by man and seek to awaken that humanist conscience that allows to put into practice measures of environmental conservation for a sustainable development that satisfies the present needs without compromising those of future generations.

From OCTO, as far as possible, we try to share this concern from places like this to promote care for the environment and the natural resources within our reach. We also want to advise to favour the local market, based on local products that help to strengthen the local economy without having to resort to external products.

We recommend the following link where you can find information related to the local market and the care of the environment of Barcelona and its surroundings with sustainable practices and activities.