Streaming Studios Mallorca

Dec 1, 2020

Professional Streaming sets



Lights, Camera, Action!

At Octo Even Productions we are ready to provide you with the solutions for your Online Event!

Contact us to learn more about our Streaming Solutions and turn your webinar, communication, or product presentation into an online event with a professional execution.

We can set up the studios anywhere you need them!

Now, if you prefer, you can also visit the Streaming studios at “Central Studios Mallorca” and choose the set that best fits the needs of your event and brand.



Different Streaming Studio Solutions



We have different options of studios, just 20km from Palma, with private parking for your clients, come visit us and we’ll show you how we can help.

Choose between different options for your Streaming Event: Daylight, Warehouse, Loft and Corporate Studios. Digitalize your event to give your audience a Professional Streaming with the warmth of face-to-face events.

Contact us at for further information.