Tips to help you find the best partner for the event

Oct 6, 2021

At OCTO we understand how important it is for our clients to be relaxed during the preparation of a big event, and that’s why we want to give you some tips as a guide to help you find the best audiovisual partner to achieve it.

Because our main mission is to reduce the unnecessary workload and stress of working with suppliers and partners who do not understand the real needs of your events.


Understand the objectives of your event perfectly


The first and most important thing that the supplier will need to understand is WHAT we want to communicate. All events are prepared and thought based on a clear objective and goal, sometimes it can be a perfect combination of different objectives, but the important thing is to have them clear and know how to defend them.

Normally, our clients are brands or agencies looking to sell, present a new product, celebrate something or inform about news and internal changes in the company. Knowing how to communicate these objectives to the supplier is essential to start from a strong and firm basis for the correct technical proposal.

The more detailed the initial brief for the event, the less back and forth with wrong budgets and proposals that will have to be changed 20 times, causing unnecessary waste of time on both sides. Having a clear, approximate budget available, possible schedule, visual and content needs to be presented, the location of the event, technical staff needed, are key starting points to understand the type of event our clients have in mind, and to be able to present a technical proposal as close as possible to this idea.


Reviewing and asking about the Quote and AV proposal


Unfortunately for the industry, there are many audiovisual companies that the only thing they look for when presenting a budget is the acceptance of it as quickly as possible to ensure the event, without stopping attention to the objectives of its customers.

As well as there are also many clients, unfortunately, who accept budgets based on discounts or the rules of the lowest price, without understanding what they are quoting. Unfortunately, this only leads to headaches, misunderstandings and subsequent overruns and unexpected increases in the final costs of the event.

A fundamental recommendation is to review the quotation once it is received, take the necessary time to understand it and ask all the questions that are considered necessary to clarify any possible doubts from the beginning.

Keep in mind that there are different budget ranges, and do not be afraid to have a low budget and think that you cannot get a spectacular event. Keep in mind to always ask for suggestions of equipment according to the real needs of the event. That is why it is important to be clear from the beginning what we want to achieve to know how suppliers can help us without going over budget. There is always an alternative that fits each project. Almost everything is possible. 


The importance of knowing the Company and the team who will be in charge of your event and taking the time for rehearsals

It is important to know the technicians and the people who will lead the project onsite. Not all the people leading a project are easy to deal with, and during set up and show days, you need someone professional in charge, who understands the needs of the project, who knows the client and knows how to handle complicated situations.

At OCTO we made an important Company name change during the pandemic, however, we continue exactly the same, with same locations and equipment. Take a look to our blog to check the official changes of our Company name.

It is important that the client stays calm and feels supported in this type of situation. Years of experience and team practice will be fundamental when it comes to knowing how to handle difficult situations and making the event flow naturally.

To achieve an understanding with the technicians in charge of the project, both the Project Manager and the technicians, it is essential to always respect rehearsal times. This moment is essential for the show to run smoothly, without surprises and having the situation under control.

At OCTO we hope that some of these tips could help you finding the partner you can trust for your next event. To check for more information or asking for a quote, do not hesitate to contact us and write us at